Top 10 Premier League Comebacks

Though Top 10 articles are rather common on the net these days, there’s still nothing like looking back at your Premier League team and gazing nostalgically into the distance as you remember their glory days. Perhaps those days were marked by one of football history’s epic comebacks. If this is the case, you may find one of these impressive comebacks in this Top 10 Premier League Comeback Games of the 90s rundown. 

(10) Bolton 2 Arsenal 3 (2007-08 Season)

Yet another classic comeback in Premier League history, Bolton managed to get themselves 2 goals clear of Wenger’s Arsenal in March 2008. Though Arsenal were also a man down, they still managed to construct a comeback that took just 30 minutes, with an own goal deflected off Fabregas sealing the deal in the 93rd minute.  

(9) Tottenham 3 Man Utd 5 (2001-02 Season)

Alex Ferguson’s consistent ability to guide his side through the other end of some heroic comebacks again proved invaluable in 2001. Half time saw Tottenham 3-0 ahead, but there was an underlying feeling of hope that only Fergie could instil in his players and their fans. A schooling in the art of football was to follow fro Man United in the 2nd half, as goals from Cole, Blanc, Van Nistelrooy, Scholes, and Veron brought the team to one of the greatest victories ever seen in the Premier League.

(8) Leicester City 5-3 Manchester United (2014-15 Season)

Another recent Premier-level turnaround, Leicester’s ridiculous victory over Man United is still felt by fans across the globe. In true United Form, the team were comfortably ahead at 3-1, but what happened next shocked the world. Leicester scored 4 times in the space of 20 minutes to not only allow them a victory but also to move them to 6th place in the league.

(7) Crystal Palace 3-3 Liverpool (2013-14 Season)

If you listen carefully, you can still hear the last whispers of the once-deafening echoes of joy coming from Crystal Palace fans at Selhurst Park. Their ear-splitting cries came as a result of their team clawing their way back out of the jaws of what seemed like certain defeat. It was bad enough for Liverpool that they drew with Palace, but to make matters worse, it was Palace’s resolve that dashed Liverpool’s chances at winning the title that year.

(6) Newcastle United 4-3 Leicester City (1996-97 Season)

This was around the time that Alan Shearer’s talent as a striker was still world-class, and there’s no better reminder of this than Newcastle’s 4-3 victory over Leicester City. In an unforgettable display of his talents, Shearer managed to pull off a hat trick in order to bring his side to the point of victory when they had been facing defat. His first two were absolute screamer’s, yet the fact that his final goal was the result of a scrappy bit of footwork really didn’t matter: Newcastle still emerged the winners.

(5) Leeds United 4-3 Derby County (1997-98 Season)

Leeds’ glory days feel much further in the past than 1997, but this was the year they made an astonishing rebound in order to finish 4-3 against Derby.

In the match, Derby initially gained an easy 3-0 lead with help from Sturridge and Asanovic, but Leeds had already replied with two goals before half time even began. A penalty in the second half allowed Leeds to equalise, and everyone still remembers the zinger from Bowyer during injury time that gabe Leeds their deserved glory.

(4) Newcastle United 4-4 Arsenal (2010-11 Season)


Newcastle’s 2011 comeback against Arsenal is another that deserves all of the recognition it still gets today.  Newcastle looked certain to be down and out before the second half even began, trailing 4-0 at this point. However, in a comeback marking the only time a Premier league team came back from a 4-goal deficit to draw a match, Newcastle managed their astonishing comeback, with Cheick Tiote’s left-foot volley (and equaliser) taking Arsenals shambles of a defence by complete surprise.

(3) Norwich 4-4 Middlesbrough (2004-5 Season)

Another 4-4 spectacular, only this time with Norwich coming back (as they had a habit of doing) to quite literally level the playing field.

Norwich City took an early 1-0 lead with a goal from Francis, giving a positive outlook to the fans. Middlesbrough soon seemed to crush their spirits with a devastating 4 goals in a row, leaving Norwich 4-1 down until the final 10 minutes. Then, in one of the most ridiculously eventful closing 10-minute periods of a match ever, Norwich managed to pull it back to 4-4. The first comeback goal looked certain to be a consolation, but Norwich’s sublime performance resulted in one of the greatest Premier League comebacks of all time.

(2) Tottenham 4-4 Aston Villa (2007-8 Season)

It wasn’t just league position on the line in this match: Spurs manager Martin Jol’s job was also on the line. Jol’s position looked pretty shaky when Villa managed to end up 4-1 in the lead, however. As is always the case with the great matches though, things didn’t remain comfortable for long.

Tottenham managed an incredible comeback, with goals being hammered in by Chimbonda, Kaboul, and Keane – 3 goals in 30 minutes made this one of the greatest comebacks and indeed matches in general.

(1) Liverpool 3-3 Manchester United (1993-94 Season)

Bruce’s header to get Man United’s first goal on the board was just the start of this thrilling encounter. Heavy celebrations from Bruce were criticised, but were soon forgotten about when Giggs’ fine footwork allowed him to hammer in a shot top-right goal from outside the box; Irwin’s free kick then made it 3-0.

We all know that’s not the end of the story, however. Clough’s pinpoint accuracy allowed the beginning of Liverpool’s comeback to make it 3-1, not to mention another goal from him to make it 3-2. Grobbelaar’s save kept Liverpool’s dreams alive, but my, oh, my if it wasn’t Ruddock’s cross in the 70th minute that allowed Liverpool to finish 3-3. This is one of the classic Premier League comebacks.