Free Kick Fusion Review

Free Kick Fusion simply put is a great soccer game. It solely focuses on the free kick side of the sport with a huge amount of credit going to the creators as they have clearly worked hard on perfecting a narrow avenue and it really shows; as I’m yet to fall upon a better free kick game. The graphics are beyond most soccer games I have played on my PC and the game itself is also extremely challenging making it very difficult for one to get bored; it brings out the determined side in every gamer and that is usually all participants require in a game.

A huge benefit to this game is the opportunity to play in multiplayer mode with your friends; an option I personally believe too few games actually offer. This takes a minute to do as it requires creating a personal username and password, but is certainly worth your time should you have a competitive edge and friends you thrive to gain victories over; I currently have bragging rights over a close friend after scoring more free kicks than him yesterday so I am writing this section with glee. Continue Reading

The entire game is played via the computer’s mouse, so it takes no time whatsoever to learn which buttons you require to edit your direction and the spin of the ball. Consequently this means you are straight into the game from the off with no requirements to delay time as you come to terms with the buttons. Plus before you start the game they inflate instructions about the correct methods needed to use your mouse effectively in bold letters in the middle of the screen; so there really is no excuse.

You have to score three goals within a required time limit in order to advance onto the next level; and it’s a lot trickier than it sounds. As can be presumed the levels heighten in difficulty as you advance through the game and the time limit seems to go down at a rapid speed, particularly at the higher levels. So after the first level the game begins to get extremely challenging and at points frustrating as any good game does; most of the gamers I know love to rise up to a challenge and if there is one thing I’m sure everybody would agree on about Free Kick Fusion, it would be that it provides an enthralling challenge.

Many enhancements are added between levels such as the position of the ball; however the most notable edit is the defensive unit. They get stronger and stronger with each game; almost reminiscent of George Graham’s Arsenal side of the 90’s with it almost becoming impossible in the later rounds to score goals. The defense is a brick wall and you need to become a world beater in order to beat the clock. The goalkeeper also starts the game at an amateur level and improves as the rounds go on, just as the defense does. You really need to develop the perfect technique to defeat the opposition.

A huge plus about Free Kick Fusion is the graphics; in my opinion many games that fit this elk have fairly poor graphics which can hinder a game massively; I don’t want to see small 2D men whose appearance’s resemble a Lego block. I want a game that can take me out of normality and suck me in to the screen for hours while time becomes an irrelevant digit; that’s Free Kick Fusion. The graphics in this soccer game aren’t too far away from that of the big games you would pay fifty dollars for in a shop and therefore ticks the required box as far as realism goes.

All in all Free Kick Fusion has the correct blend of ingredients to make a top quality soccer game and with the added bonus of being able to share each game with your friends in a duel format; it’s hard to suggest any other game in the same mould. This game has the free kick market pretty cemented and because Free Kick Fusion conquers its purpose and target audience I will be giving this game a hefty 8/10. Give it a go, you will not be disappointed.