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football kicks

If you find yourself tiring of the often mundane and time-consuming task of engaging in a full-scope football game, Football Kicks could be the game to put the fun back into football. Far from a football management game or full match simulation, Football Kicks for Android offers you the chance to experience the very best part of the sport, which as we all know is the scoring of goals.

While there are many free kick simulators out there on the mobile gaming market, this is a game that offers more than your average free kick title, with a variety of modes, an impressive look, and a responsive ‘flick to kick’ system that is reminiscent of the great Flick Kick Football. Developer Distinctive Games quite clearly knew what they were doing when they made this one as it has all of the features that a football fan could want from a game that focuses on pure goal scoring, and sports a shooting interface that puts you in full control of the ball from boot to net.

Football kicks doesn’t concern itself with endless matchplay or management, but rather the scoring of goals in a variety of different contexts across six modes of play. Regardless of mode, the basic premise is to shoot the ball at the net, which is achieved by swiping the screen in the direction that you wish the ball to travel.

Your finger flick doesn’t just control the ball’s direction, however, since you can apply swerve and power to the ball in order to navigate the ball around obstacles such as a wall of players, or to make precise strikes at the various targets in the nets when playing some of the challenging game modes.

The game has six modes in total choose from, with sudden death, beat the clock, and beat the wall being immediately available. These modes are pretty much as the title suggests, with sudden death involving kicking the ball at targets of varying size in the net, with your first miss being your last. Beat the clock involves the same target practice format but this time you are playing against a clock whose seconds are dwindling, with some of the targets allowing you to add 25 seconds to the clock if you manage to hit them.

Beat the wall requires a bit more control and command of the spin of the ball, which is achieved by swiping your finger in a more curved motion. Other modes can be unlocked such as beating the goalie (self explanatory), cross the ball (also explains itself), and beat the world where you get to go up against a variety of teams in the format of beating each countries’ top score by scoring as many as you can for yourself.

There is also a multiplayer meaning it could have given the real football game series a run for it’s money. However the multiplayer must be played through the Game Centre and is pretty much identical to the single player in format which is a disappointment. One other drawback worth mentioning is the freemium nature of the game where it encourages you to purchase in-game currency with your actual money a downfall also suffered by Real Football 2013 and one which has drawn a lot of criticism compared to 2012′s version. Gold coins can be won through playing the game normally but they can take a significant amount of time to accrue.

This drawback isn’t serious enough to take away from the enjoyment of the game itself though, since its swipe-kick interface and variety of game modes will be enough to satisfy any football fan wishing to take a break from the mundane nature of 90 minutes matches and 40-year career simulators.

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