Fifa 15 – Some general speculation with a little sprinkle of detailed ideas we’d very much like to see next time around

fifa 15

Forward Gazing

We all love moan and complain about our disappointment with the current Fifa game almost immediately after it is released, don’t we? Now, whether this is because EA are genuinely slacking each year by offering us only the most minor of changes between releases or whether this is simply a “grass is greener on the other side” thing (with the other side being next year’s title) it is unclear, but you cannot deny the desire to look forward to the next title and speculate about how EA could have done better with the time and outrageous amount of money they had over the previous year.

Fifa 14 is of course upon us now and it is still the best game of simulated football you’re going to get, but it should worry EA a little that their rival Konami appear to be gaining more ground with greater frequency. This is why Fifa 15 needs to include some new features and some changes, the lack of which may drive Fifa fans into the arms of Konami for good, and you wouldn’t want that would you, Fifa?

A Career to be Proud Of

Might as well make the biggest stretch in the opening throws of this short article, so I’ll come out and say it: multiplayer career mode, anyone? No takers? Well, the idea will grow on you I’m sure and when it does, you will realise that “going multi” with career mode would be beneficial to all, aside from EA who would have to devise a way of making this a feasible inclusion into next year’s Fifa. Either way, we’re paying enough money each year to simply be met with slight, incremental improvements year after year, so why not dream big and demand that Fifa 15 dips career mode into the waters of multiplayer so we can see exactly where the hell our cash is going each year.

Bring them Back

I hope that Fifa fans will remember the good old days of the miniature leagues and tournaments, which were ripped away from us a few years ago like we didn’t even care for them. The fact is, we did care for these little leagues and tournament distractions very deeply and they were ripped away from us without reason or justification. This is a demand for their return since these small leagues and tournaments allowed us to entertain our friends and/or acquaintances  by engaging in matches with them, and their absence means that we are restricted in our options for friend-on-friend football action.

Sore Losers

Don’t you just hate it in “Be a Pro” when you’re smashing in goals left, right and centre, convinced that you’re going to amass some serious upgrade potential when suddenly your online foe quits and renders all of your effort in that match useless? Well, you know where I’m  going with this because we all want the same thing here, which is to be able to retain the progress you make even when a player rage-quits in frustration at your immaculate performance. It’s only fair, really, since you shouldn’t be punished for your opposing players’ hot-headedness, particularly considering how hard this makes it to actually upgrade your various abilities. To sum up, please just allow us to retain our accomplishments regardless of whether your opponent is a whiny little b**ch or not.

In With the Crowd

A small feature perhaps, but we could definitely do with some more realism with the crowd. Close-up shots of rigorous celebration with flares going off, riots happening in the stands, and fireworks being thrown around in delight.

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